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  • Name: I-beam for Embedded Channel
  • Product Usage: Glass curtain wall embedded channel, urban pipe gallery embedded channel, high-speed railway tunnel embedded channel.
  • Keyword: Special non-standard I-beam for pre-buried channel
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Feature and Use

Special I-beam for embedded channel: Non-standard thick I-beam for hot-rolled embedded channel supporting industry.
Material: Q235,Q345 etc.
Length: Section steel is 6 meters. The size of the finished weld can be customized according to the length of the drawing.
Scope of Application: prefabricated channel weldments such as glass curtain wall architectural decoration, high-speed rail tunnel, urban pipe gallery, etc.

The special I-beam for embedded channel is a special non-standard I-beam for embedded channel welding. It is mainly used for welding fittings in embedded channels such as glass curtain wall decoration, high-speed rail tunnel and urban pipe gallery.
Product Advantage and Feature
1. The products are processed by hot rolling process, with strong material, size and comprehensive performance, and the performance index is higher than the industry index;
2. The product has high strength and excessive chamfering to avoid stress concentration and tearing;
3. Full specifications and strong development capabilities;
4. The surface appearance of the product is good, and the anti-corrosion galvanizing and multi-alloy alloy have good co-infiltration effect.

Technical Parameter



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