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  • Name: Rivet Used for Embedded Channel
  • Product Usage: Prefabricated channels for glass curtain walls, embedded channels for subway shield segments, embedded channels for urban pipe corridors, and high-speed railway embedded channels.
  • Keyword: Special rivet for embedded channel
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Feature and Use

Special rivets for embedded channel: non-standard rivets for the embedded channel supporting industry.
Anchor length:80/100/120
Material: Q235,Q345 etc.
The finished product size can be specially customized according to the drawings.
Scope of application: glass curtain wall architectural decoration, high-speed rail tunnel, urban pipe gallery and other embedded channel riveting parts

The special rivet for the embedded channel is a special non-standard rivet for the pre-buried channel riveting. It is mainly used for riveting fittings in pre-buried channels such as glass curtain wall decoration, high-speed rail tunnel and urban pipe gallery.
Product Advantage and Feature:
1. The products are processed by cold heading process, with strong material, size and comprehensive performance, and the performance index is higher than the industry index;
2. The product has high strength and excessive chamfering to avoid stress concentration and tearing;
3. Full specifications and strong development capabilities;
4. The surface appearance of the product is good, and the anti-corrosion galvanizing and multi-alloy alloy have good co-infiltration effect.

Technical Parameter



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