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  • Name: Subway Shaped Embedded Channel Customized
  • Product Usage: Extensive subway tunnels, urban light rail tunnels, and subway platform electrical lines.
  • Keyword: subway embedded channel, urban light rail tunnels
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Subway Shaped Embedded Channel Customized

1. We can independently roll embedded channel special steel and matching rivets to develop various embedded channel steels;
2. With professional equipment such as friction press, punching machine, sawing machine, Lincoln welding machine, arc machine, rotary rivet machine, etc., we can customize and develop various curved and shaped pre-buried channels.
3. More than 200 acres of new plant, environmental protection discharge standards, production scale, meet customer supply requirements in the environmental situation;
4. Customized development of pre-buried channel industry supporting profiled steel, cooperation with China Railway Research Institute and various subordinate units of China Construction, good product quality and good stability.        



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