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Current position:Urban underground pipe gallery embedded channel >> Urban underground pipe gallery embedded channel
  • Name: Urban underground pipe gallery embedded channel
  • Product Usage: Urban integrated underground pipe gallery, sponge city, seismic brackets.
  • Keyword: pipe gallery embedded channel, sponge city, seismic support.
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Urban Underground Pipe Gallery Embedded Channel

Our Advantage:
1. We can independently develop special embedded channel steel and matching rivets to develop various embedded channel steels;
2. With professional equipment such as friction press, punching machine, sawing machine, Lincoln welding machine, arc machine, rotary rivet machine, etc., we can customize and develop various arc-shaped and special-shaped embedded channels;
3. More than 200 acres of new plant, environmental protection discharge standards, production scale, meet customer supply requirements in the environmental situation;
4. Customized development of embedded channel industry supporting profiled steel, cooperation with China Railway Research Institute and various subsidiaries of China Construction, the product quality is good, and the stability is good.



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