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  • Name: 5234/5334 I-beam Welding embedded channel
  • Scope of Apllication: Extensive high-speed rail tunnel high-speed rail culvert high-speed rail platform electrical line
  • Keyword: High-speed rail embedded channel
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Product Advantages and Features:

5234 I-beam Embedded Channel:

Special dovetail-type pre-buried channel for hot-rolled high-speed rail. Urban pipe gallery, glass curtain wall, pouring tunnel high-speed rail dedicated pre-buried channel (Haffin trough)

Specification: 5234/5334 Material: Q235, Q345, etc.

Length: 150-350mm and so on. Special length can be customized

Scope of application: high-speed rail railway pouring tunnel, integrated underground city pipe gallery pre-buried channel special channel steel

1. High-speed rail / subway tunnel culvert;

2. Urban pipe corridor electrification system;

3. Metro electrification system

4. Urban underground seismic support system and through-line pipeline system;

Product advantages and features:

1. The product material, size, and related quality have strong comprehensive performance, and the material and physical and mechanical performance indexes are higher than the industry indicators;

2. The thickness of the main body of the product is not less than 4mm, and the special I-beam of the pre-buried channel is matched with welding;

3. The overall strength of the product after welding is large, and the installation of the later product does not pose any harm to the concrete structure. It is especially suitable for the reinforced integrated connection between the object and the concrete wall surface, and is suitable for structural application of pre-stressing or post-stressing;

4. Full specifications and strong development capabilities. Customizable curved and straight line special structure complex combination steel raw materials;

5. The surface appearance of the product is good, and the effect of anti-corrosion galvanizing and multi-alloy alloy is good.;

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