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  • Name: 5030/5025 Riveted Embedded Channel
  • Scope of Apllication: Widely used in the glass curtain wall construction industry.
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5030 Embedded channel: Dovetail-type hot-rolled embedded channel. Glass curtain building decoration industry special hot rolling
Specification: 5030/5025/5026 Material: Q235, Q345, etc.

Length: 150mm-350mm and so on. Special lengths can be customized. Scope of application: glass curtain wall architectural decoration

Scope of Application: 1. Construction of high-rise building glass curtain wall, keel steel frame of main structure of various curtain walls; 2. Above the infrastructure such as tunnels under the city; 3. Dynamically supported fixtures, such as crane tracks or mechanical equipment foundations; 4. Highway sound screen wall; 5. Other application areas; The 5030 pre-buried channel (Haffin trough) is a special steel structure product used in the building curtain wall for pre-buried in the concrete wall to facilitate the positioning and installation of the post-wall hanging parts such as the building curtain wall or the outsourced stone.

Product Advantages and Features:

1. The products are processed by hot rolling process, with strong material, size and comprehensive performance. The material and mechanical properties are higher than the industry indicators;

2. The product has high strength, and the minimum thickness of the steel body is more than 4mm;

3. After the product is riveted, the strength is large, and the later installation has no harm to the concrete structure, especially suitable for the enhanced integrated connection between the object and the concrete wall. The T-type sponge strip is specially installed for the finished product to prevent the concrete from entering the tank and affecting the use;

4. Product specifications and development capabilities. Customizable arc-shaped, straight-line special structure complex combination pre-buried channel;

5. The surface appearance of the product is good, and the effect of anti-corrosion galvanizing and multi-alloy alloy is good.

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