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  • Name: 5030/5025 I-beam Welding Embedded Channel
  • Scope of Apllication Widely used in the glass curtain wall construction industry.
  • Kewword: Glass curtain wall embedded channel steel, hot-rolled dovetail 5030 embedded channel steel
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5030/5025 pre-buried channel: dovetail trough hot-rolled pre-buried channel. Hot-rolled dovetail pre-buried channel (Haffin trough) for glass curtain building decoration industry. Specification: 5030/5025/5026 Material: Q235, Q345, etc. Length: 150mm-350mm and so on. Special lengths can be customized. Scope of application: glass curtain wall architectural decoration

Scope of Application:

1. Construction of high-rise building glass curtain wall, keel steel frame of main structure of various curtain walls;

2. Above the infrastructure such as tunnels under the city;

3. Dynamically supported fixtures, such as crane tracks or mechanical equipment foundations;

4. Highway sound screen wall

5. Other application areas; The 5030 pre-buried channel (Haffin trough) is a special steel structure product used in the building curtain wall for pre-buried in the concrete wall to facilitate the positioning and installation of the post-wall hanging parts such as the building curtain wall or the outsourced stone.

Product Advantages and Features:

1. The products are processed by hot rolling process, with strong material, size and comprehensive performance. The material and mechanical properties are higher than the industry indicators;

2. The product strength is large, the minimum thickness of the main body of the steel is more than 4mm, and the welded I-beam adopts the special hot-rolled steel for the embedded channel industry;

3. After the product is welded, the strength is high and the welding effect is good. The post-installation does not pose any hazard to the concrete structure, especially for the reinforced integrated connection between the object and the concrete wall. The T-type sponge strip is specially installed for the finished product to prevent the concrete from entering the tank and affecting the use;

4. Product specifications and development capabilities. Customizable arc-shaped, straight-line special structure complex combination pre-buried channel; 5. The surface appearance of the product is good, and the effect of anti-corrosion galvanizing and multi-alloy alloy is good.

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