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Planning and Construction of Underground Integrated Pipe Gallery in Dongguan, Guangdong


 On November 19th, the reporter was informed that the 2nd Special Planning and Environmental Art Committee meeting of the 4th Municipal Planning Commission recently reviewed and approved the “Dongguan Underground Integrated Pipe Gallery Special Plan (2016-2030)” (hereinafter referred to as “Special Plan”) )project. Dongguan City will combine the characteristics of the city and the actual development and construction, plan the total construction scale of the underground integrated pipe gallery city to 339.267 kilometers, and manage urban diseases such as “pull link” and “cobweb” to promote urban redevelopment and improve the comprehensive carrying capacity of the city. Infrastructure operation efficiency and quality of new urbanization development.

   The underground integrated pipe gallery is to build a municipal shared tunnel space in the underground of the city. Two or more municipal water supply lines (water supply, electricity, telecommunications, etc.) are laid in a structure according to the planning requirements, and unified planning, design, construction and management are implemented. It can be summarized as: “one investment, sustainable use, one earth movement, no excavation, intelligent management, maintenance visibility, unlimited capacity expansion, comprehensive cost, integration of resources, reduction of waste, and establishment of a new municipal image”.

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