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Evaluation of Processing and Assembly of Embedded Parts in Embedded Channel


     The evaluation criteria for the processing and assembly quality of the embedded parts of the embedded tank, the quality of the embedded parts of the embedded tank depends on the processing quality and the assembly quality, and the quality of the embedded parts is the basis of the assembly quality. The accuracy of machining is an important indicator for evaluating the quality of embedded parts, usually expressed in the form of machining errors. The machining accuracy and machining error of the embedded parts are evaluated by the two viewpoints on the quality of the embedded parts. In practice, from the viewpoint of reducing the processing error and measurement error of the embedded parts, the purpose of improving the processing quality of the embedded parts is achieved.
       Measurement implementation steps for embedded parts: Transfer the reference point with a collimator. In order to improve the accuracy of the transmission, the collimator is erected at a known reference point, and the center of the reference point is calibrated with the center of the trajectory of the downward looking quasi-axis, and then the center of the reference point of the transmission layer is aligned with the center of the trajectory of the upward aligning axis. Temporarily fixed. The angle and distance between all temporary points after all temporary reference points have been set. Use the least squares method to find the best correction number to normalize the temporary point to the standard rectangle, then carefully normalize all the temporary points to the theoretical position and fix the mark.
        Evaluation criteria for processing and assembly quality of embedded parts of pre-embedded tanks, positioning of pre-embedded parts: According to the size of the curtain wall specified in the construction drawing, the length of each façade is determined according to the size of the first-level control reference point in the reference layer. The steel support at both ends is fixed with steel wires to connect the vertical end faces of the two ends of the support to form the construction control line for the other steel supports on the horizontal surface, and the end face of the support end that is accurately installed at each reference level end The steel wire is vertically fixedly connected from top to bottom to form a vertical control line for the support at the same position on the other floors.

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