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Changsha Has Built Three Integrated Tube Corridor Monitoring Centers


  Following the high-speed rail new city area integrated pipe gallery monitoring center, Changsha has three integrated pipe gallery monitoring centers recently completed, namely the Xiangfu West Road Sub-control Center, the Beijing-Zhu East-West Sub-district Control Center and the Meixi Lake Control Center. So far, the monitoring center of the 4 underground comprehensive pipe gallery pilot projects in Changsha has been completed.

  The monitoring center is called the “brain” of the integrated pipe gallery. Using the existing monitoring and alarm system in the pipe gallery, intelligent monitoring of the pipe gallery will be realized. It is understood that after the three control centers are put into use, they will undertake the information monitoring and alarm use requirements of the Xiangfu West Road Comprehensive Pipe Gallery, the Beijing-Zhuhai East-West Road Comprehensive Pipe Gallery, and the Meixi Lake Area and the High-tech Zone Integrated Pipe Gallery. Through the monitoring room and the existing four intelligent systems (environment and equipment monitoring system, security system, communication system, early warning and alarm system), the 24-hour intelligent monitoring and equipment system is installed on the entrance pipeline and the inside of the pipe gallery. Unified scheduling.

   It is reported that the total length of the underground comprehensive pipe gallery pilot project in Changsha is 61.4 kilometers, with a total investment of about 5.5 billion yuan. It consists of 18 pipe corridors and 4 monitoring centers with a total of 22 projects. It is distributed in the high-speed railway Xincheng area and the Meixi Lake area of ​​Xiangjiang New District. And high-tech areas. According to the plan, by the end of 2018, the national pilot work will be fully completed; by 2020, we will strive to build a 100-kilometer integrated pipe gallery and put it into operation; by 2030, the newly built urban area and some old urban areas will be basically completed and operated about 400 kilometers. The combination of dry and branch, into a piece of net, safe and efficient, covering the city's urban underground integrated pipe gallery system.

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