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Discharge construction and measurement implementation steps for trough embedded parts


  The quasi-point provided by the civil engineering unit is used as the first-level reference control point. The intersection of the extension line and the extension line is made between the first-level reference control points, and the distance between the extension lines is determined as the secondary reference control point. The linear distance error of the reference point is not more than ± 5mm, the reference point is 90° the second reference point is based on the rectangular reference control network to determine the structural outline to determine the actual structure of the building. The degree of deviation between the size and the design size. For the structural area that is larger or smaller than the design deviation, it shall be trimmed by the structural construction unit and delivered to our acceptance.
     Measurement implementation steps
     Use a collimator to pass the reference point with 0.8mm. In order to improve the accuracy of the transmission, the collimator is erected at a known reference point, and the center of the reference point is calibrated with the center of the cross-hair quasi-crosshair, and then the center of the reference point of the transmission layer is aligned with the center of the upward-axis quasi-crosshair. Temporarily fixed. The angle and distance between several temporary points after the temporary reference points are set. The least squares method is used to obtain the best correction number for normalizing the temporary points into standard rectangles, and then carefully localize some temporary points to the theoretical position and fix the signs.
     Take-up positioning
     According to the size of the curtain wall specified in the construction drawing, in the reference layer according to the size of the first-level control reference point, first determine the steel support at each end of each façade, and then fix the vertical end faces of the two ends with steel wires to form The construction control line of the other steel supports on the horizontal surface is installed on the sub-line of the end surface of the support which is accurately installed at each reference level end, and the steel wire is vertically fixedly connected from top to bottom to form the same position on the other floors. The vertical control line of the support. After the support is adjusted to meet the required level and verticality, the weld is welded along the edge to the curtain wall. The weld shall be continuously welded at 45 degrees and the weld residue shall be removed. After the steel support is installed and welded, the surface of the weld should be removed, and the anti-rust paint should be applied twice, and the top coat should be painted once.


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