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Different of Embedded Parts Compared with Flat Embedded Parts


        From the perspective of production and processing, the processing technology of the trough embedded parts is relatively simple and the quality inspection is convenient. There are four processes for processing a trough type of embedded parts, as follows: ① channel steel blanking, ② anchoring blanking, ③ riveting (or welding) anchoring ribs, ③ For surface anti-corrosion treatment, it takes about 5 minutes to process one such trough type embedded part. Moreover, the process of processing the flat type embedded parts is the same as that of the trough type embedded parts, but the time of each process is longer than that of the trough type embedded parts, and the average processing of one flat type embedded part may take about 20rnin, so The processing efficiency of the trough embedded parts is about three times higher than that of the flat embedded parts. Compared with the economical point of view, the trough embedded parts are cheaper and save engineering cost. The weight of a trough type embedded part is about 2kg, plus two T-bolts. The price of a trough type embedded part is about 25. The weight of a half-plate embedded part is about 6kg, and the price is about 60 yuan. Therefore, the price of the trough embedded part is more than l/2 than the price of the flat embedded part.
        Compared with the difficulty of construction, the trough type embedded parts are small in size and the construction is very convenient. The groove type embedded parts have only one row of anchor bars, and the channel steel has a small volume, which is not easy to interfere with the steel bars of the main structure, and the construction period is short, which can greatly improve the construction progress. The embedded parts of the flat plate occupy a large volume, and the anchor bars are generally arranged in two rows and two columns, which is very easy to interfere with the main ribs of the main structure. Since the construction workers are not very aware of the importance of the main ribs, occasionally for embedding the flat embedded parts The main rib of the main structure is sawn off, which will bury the safety hazard to the building. In addition, since the volume of the groove type embedded part is small, when the main body structure is a thin plate type structure, only the groove type embedded part can be used and the flat plate embedded part cannot be used. 

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