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Embedded Channel Control Measures for Water Seepage Supervision in The Root of Embedded Channel


  Embedded channelIf the construction is not standardized, there will be danger of water seepage. The phenomenon and harm of water seepage is: the water seepage inside the outer wall of the root of the pre-buried channel will damage the decorative layer inside the wall and affect the appearance.
         Analysis of the causes of water seepage:
         The embedded channel is not loosely installed, or the external wall is decorated with holes to punch and install the embedded parts, or it is impacted. When the plaster is plastered, the old and new mortars are not firmly combined, and the hollow drums and cracks are formed. Some installations do not fill the holes, resulting in water seepage.
         Precautions for water seepage:
         Installation of embedded parts (such as downpipe fixtures, air conditioning brackets, etc.) must be in front of the wall finish. When installing the embedded parts, the specifications, quantity, position, elevation and spacing should be strictly controlled. The installation should be firm and reliable, and there should be no defects such as looseness and displacement. Before the installation of the embedded parts, the rust and anti-corrosion treatment must be carried out carefully to make the embedded parts and the veneer layer firmly combined. When plastering, the root of the embedded part must be carefully manipulated and compacted. It is forbidden to collide and vibrate freely after the sudden pressure has survived, to prevent the embedded parts from loosening due to external force, and to separate from the decorative plaster layer to produce cracks.

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