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Gas Phase Rust Prevention Technology of Hafen Channel

Date: 2019-01-21

  Gas Phase Rust Prevention Technology of Hafen Channel
    Vapor phase inhibitor (VPI) is a volatile corrosion inhibitor, referred to as a gas phase rust inhibitor. It is an anti-corrosion chemical that can automatically volatilize gas on the surface of metal at normal temperature to prevent metal corrosion. Today, the development of the Hafen channel is more emphasis on quality than in the past. How to solve the rust prevention problem of metal threaded fasteners from production to assembly has also received a lot of attention.

    The practical application forms of the gas phase anti-rust technology are various. According to the actual use situation, the gas phase anti-rust paper, the gas phase anti-rust air foam, the gas phase anti-rust powder and the like are widely used.

Main Feature:

    1. It does not need to be in contact with metal threaded fasteners to protect against rust;

    2. It has anti-rust protection effect on all parts of bare metal fasteners in the whole packaging space, and the anti-rust effect is not affected by size and shape;

    3. The packaging and unpacking process is simple and easy, without special equipment or technology, and the operation efficiency is high;

    4. Long rust prevention period: 1~5 years;

    5. It keeps the surface of threaded fasteners clean and is suitable for modern cleaning production.

    At present, the application of gas phase anti-rust technology is widely used in foreign fastener industry, but domestic use is rare, and wide-scale promotion has yet to be popularized. From the perspective of the use effect, its anti-rust ability has been practically recognized, which can comprehensively improve the packaging level of threaded fasteners.

    With the increasing awareness of the comprehensive advantages of VCI anti-rust technology, the application of VCI anti-rust technology will be more extensive, but the cost of VCI anti-rust materials is slightly higher, which is one of the main obstacles of VCI technology in fastener enterprises.               

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